October 17, 2014

I haven’t been wandering much, truth be told- that title just had a ring to it ;-). Passive blogger of the year award goes to me! I haven’t visited any of my two blogs of late- not even to mourn the dwindling stats much thanks to my not writing or sharing anything for the past two months or so. And so it has come as a shock- a very pleasant shock, that there still are people reading my blog! Thanks guys! I do promise to refresh the content every once in a while.

I would be lying though, if I promised a story or an interesting piece or a poem. I really do not feel like writing at all. Yesterday I finished editing a story I had free written ages ago, and I was so happy I wanted to buy myself a bar of chocolate afterwards! Too bad it was 1 am so I watched a movie instead and let myself sleep till 9 am today. It’s still not a perfect story but it is the first story I have written to completion for the past 2-3 months so I must celebrate that!

However, having no push to write is no reason to be passive as a blogger. It has struck me that I need not have long/profound pieces each time; especially now that my creative juices are super low. I can always share other people’s stuff on my blog since I have no content of my own. Also I am working on compiling all my 2014 fiction pieces for 52 SHORTS so any little creative energy at the moment is directed there because I really need that to work.

I promise not to be re-blogging everything though- that would be plain lazy! I will post some of my photography or very short poetry or anecdotes. That I can manage.

Thanks for reading my blog- it means a lot to me 🙂 and I hope you keep finding interesting things here to keep your minds thinking or your funny bone tickled.

Feel free to suggest a blog to me. I am on a mission to stalk as many blogs as possible. Fab weekend 🙂


*featured image courtesy of Alice Kombani- photo of railway line at Kenyatta University



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